Get A Year’s Worth of Content in Just One Day

Today, to be successful in marketing and demand generation, every company must be an aggressive content publisher. Yet most lack the single most important planning and ideation tool that magazine and newspaper editors have relied on for decades – an editorial calendar. Without a clear picture of “what, when, why and how,” it’s impossible to be effective at content marketing.

Why you need an editorial calendar:

  • – To build a consistent and compelling story for your organization, product, or campaign
  • – To optimize content development based on schedules, resources, and budgets
  • – To create a big-picture view of content creation across your company ensuring consistency in messaging across channels and audiences
  • – To shift from short-term project based thinking to ongoing publishing activities and goals

Our new workshop focuses your attention on planning compelling content

We’ve created a new workshop where The Content Factor experts facilitate a brainstorming session with your team to identify a year’s worth of content for your product, company or initiative. This is not a “sit and listen” session. You and your team will actively participate in the generation of content categories, themes, formats, titles, etc.

Content Workshop 480









Sample Editorial Calendar

More than an editorial calendar – it’s command central

What we will generate is more than just a list of titles and deadlines. We’ll facilitate the creation of a plan to take you through the next year. Your plan will include:

  • – Categories and themes
  • – Working titles
  • – Content format
  • – Content owner
  • – Content producer
  • – Due date
  • – Audience profile and pain points
  • – Purpose
  • – Possible distribution channels
  • – And more…

Workshop Agenda


This is where we talk about the purpose of the editorial calendar; how news people have used it for ages; what our process is; review any background materials we have received, etc. Define an objective for the editorial calendar: content for all stages of funnel for specific product; company-wide thought leadership; fill in missing pieces for existing plan, etc.

Identify Categories, Themes and Audiences

You mentioned that there are different categories: news, features, utility; we can work on their categories as well as themes (seasonal such as holidays or weather); possibly industry related themes, etc. Who are they trying to reach/personas?

Ten Great Pieces of Content

Brainstorm 10 pieces of content, working titles, format, audience, main distribution point, CTA for that piece, based on the categories and themes

Flesh out the Plan

Fill in details for each piece (due date, content owner, producer, KPIs, etc.) How will each piece be repurposed and what are the details for each of those pieces, etc.

Editorial Calendar Review

Review results. Are we missing something? Does it meet the objective? Are stakeholders in agreement? Is this achievable?

Workshop includes light working lunch and food truck tasting.

The Content Factor will deliver a finalized comprehensive editorial calendar within a week of the workshop.  The workshop fee does not include content creation; however, if you decide to work with us to create content, we will provide a workshop discount. We will also assist in monitoring the calendar to ensure deadlines are met and content is effective.

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