Are you missing a critical step in your B2B content strategy?

Today, to be successful in marketing and demand generation, every company must be an aggressive content publisher. Yet many lack the single most important planning and ideation tool that magazine and newspaper editors have relied on for decades – an editorial calendar. Without a clear picture of “what, when, why and how,” it’s impossible to be effective at content marketing.

Why you need an editorial calendar:

  • To build a consistent and compelling story for your organization, product, or campaign
  • To optimize content development based on schedules, resources, and budgets
  • To create a big-picture view of content creation across your company ensuring consistency in messaging across channels and audiences
  • To shift from short-term project based thinking to ongoing publishing activities and goals

At The Content Factor, we’ve found that just getting started with a content plan is the hardest part for most companies. What type of assets do I need? Where are the big ideas lurking? How do I get anybody to look at my content? And, how can I possibly create and deploy them with a consistent pace and rhythm?

That’s why we created our unique workshop, “A Year’s Worth of Content in a Day.” The workshop is designed to fast-track the planning and brainstorming phase using techniques borrowed from the agile development process. This is not a “sit and listen” passive workshop. Everyone participates and everyone’s ideas count. It’s an effective way to focus attention on what’s important to your audience, rather than the features of your newest product release. It results in dozens of compelling content ideas for unlimited content assets.

And, by the way, it is a great team-building event, as well.

“Our team was amazed at the great content ideas that came out of this workshop. Our plan just fell into place.

Shari Willman – Sage

Do you have your 2016 editorial calendar yet? If not, let The Content Factor experts facilitate a brainstorming session for your organization.