Mar 1

Beware the content inventory exercise


listWe get asked all the time by clients to do a “content inventory.” In other words, assess what content is already complete and then fill in the gaps with some new stuff. This is usually a good exercise as it relates to product or service collateral–and should be done periodically to keep assets current. However, if the goal is to develop a going-forward content marketing program to engage prospects or customers, the content inventory is not always productive.

The problem is that most existing content has been developed looking through the prism of “what do our products and services do–and what are the benefits.” Today, content marketing is all about engaging customers and prospects on their own turf. That means the focus has to be squarely on their challenges and issues, or even about educating them on subjects not directly related to your products or services. Most existing content pays lip service to this goal, but doesn’t really go far enough to be useful as an engagement tool.

  1. Glenn S 4 Mar 2013 |

    Paul…great article and good advice! I will call you to set a meeting for my “content inventory” analysis

  2. Richard 4 Mar 2013 |

    Guilty as charged!