June 13

Put Some Fiction Writing into Your Content Marketing

One of my favorite crime fiction writers is Elmore Leonard. You may know Get Shorty, Jackie Brown,  and Out of Sight, among many of his classic novels. And one of my favorite literary devices Elmore uses is… suspense. He is the master of the fake out. Characters motives are always murky, and readers get hooked trying to guess.

May 8

Our Snackable Content Workshop Was a Great Success

Here’s the video thanks to VLinkSolutions. Now you know that the Content Factor is great for helping with white papers, eBooks and that sort of thing. But we are also knocking out infographics, memes, videos and much more snackable content. Call us. We won’t make you eat octopus–unless you want to!

August 2

Ad Targeting or Stalking?

You get a “flavor” for how ad re-targetting works when you are searching ice cream recipes and an ad for business analytics is part of the recipe!