October 19

Eight Timeless Tips for Creating Great Content

Some things never go out of style, and that includes the rules for great content. Almost seven years ago, before content marketing was really a “thing,” The Content Factor published a piece about writing white papers. I often think that we should update it. Yet, whenever I read it, I am amazed at how relevant.

October 19

You Can Get a Year’s Worth of Engaging B2B Content in Just One Day!

For the last few years, surveys and studies show that B2B content marketers rank “producing engaging content” as one of their top challenges. I’ve wondered about this, as there are plenty of great agencies and talented writers who would love to help these companies overcome that particular challenge. Then it struck me. It’s not really.

January 14

Breathe Life into your B2B Marketing Using Humor

Many B2C companies know how to leverage the power of humor in their marketing campaigns. B2B marketing, on the other hand, can be clever and compelling, but is rarely funny. B2B marketers tend to steer away from the kind of edgy humor  eagerly anticipated in Super Bowl advertisements. They may see humor as too risky,.