Oct 19

Eight Timeless Tips for Creating Great Content


Some things never go out of style, and that includes the rules for great content.gears-1443877_1280

Almost seven years ago, before content marketing was really a “thing,” The Content Factor published a piece about writing white papers. I often think that we should update it. Yet, whenever I read it, I am amazed at how relevant the content still is today.

Sure, some of the ideas at the end about what to do with a white paper may seem dated, but handing out a piece of content at a tradeshow or (gasp) mailing a paper to prospects would certainly set you apart in this digital world!

Here are the tips. You can get more detail about each tip in the full paper, Eight Rules for Creating Great White Papers

  1. Use a linear, logical approach
  2. Your title is key to your success
  3. Follow the 3-30-3 rule
  4. Write in the language of your reader
  5. Be knowledgeable and principled
  6. Graphics are content, too
  7. Have a writer write your content
  8. Keep the branding subtle

Coincidentally, just as I was writing this post, I received a request from the Southern Regional Education Board asking for permission to use the Eight Rules paper as part of an Aerospace Engineering curriculum for high school students. It seems even astronauts need to know how to write well!

Do you have some timeless tips for creating great content? I would love to hear them!