Eight Rules for Creating Great White Papers

The seminal paper that helped put us on the map years ago. Still as valid today as it was back then.

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 Sure They’re Clicking.  But Are They Converting?

In the rush to drive traffic, website “conversion” is often overlooked. But it’s not that hard to get your website working a lot harder for you. In this prescriptive paper, Paul McKeon of The Content Factor and Stacy Williams of Big Drum share their insights.                                                        .

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Secrets of Case Study Winners

So many companies use the adhoc “let’s beg the client for a case study” approach—and end up with poor results.

See how some companies are doing it right by creating win/win visibility programs for their clients.

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How to Create Content for B2B Nurturing Campaigns

The “sales cycle” has become the anonymous “buying cycle” on the Web.

So, B2B marketers have to understand how buyers consume digital content and what type of content works best at each stage of the buyer’s journey.

This paper shows you how to do it.

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Is Anybody Following your Thought Leadership?

It sounds trite, but only your followers can make you a leader.

Here are some simple tips on creating thought-leading content that people will follow.

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