Working with us

Great content, especially for B2B marketing purposes, is easier said than done.

It starts with a culture of generosity: the view that giving away good ideas is not something to be feared, but encouraged. It depends on a collaborative content development process and the free exchange of information. And it ends with talented professionals who know how to bring information to life, make it approachable and consumable.

At The Content Factor, our role is to help our clients find their content voice. We help them brainstorm and envision the type of content assets they will need, and then we help produce it.

Now that a steady flow of good content has been proven to be one of the best ways to generate demand, even really good content doesn’t last long on the Web today. With more organizations doing effective content marketing, new content makes an impact, achieves its desired result and it’s gone. Sure, it should be re-purposed, but you’ve already got to be thinking of the next idea—or ideas. Your audience is hungry for new content, but they’re also finicky. That’s why the old project approach to content development no longer works.

Good Content Development is a Process—Not a Project

You need to regularly feed your content marketing beast; to keep it  purring contentedly all the time. That’s one reason we created our Years’ Worth of Content Workshop. But it’s also why we recommend moving away from a project approach to content to thinking holistically and long-term. It’s not about what one e-book or white paper will do for you. What is it you want your prospects to know about you? How can you help solve their problems? What content will dovetail with the strategic goals of your company?

Now that every business is a content publisher, you need a content partner that is a keen observer of your industry, predicts your content needs and can deliver on them.

Every day.