We LOVE Infographics

Did you know that infographics get more attention and engagement compared to other types of content? When used effectively, they can provide a serious boost to any content marketing campaign.

Here’s why infographics are so successful:

We Love Info.
Information conveyed numerically appeals to our sense of organization. Titles like “10 reasons to ride Uber,” or “Six ways to find a better job,” give us some satisfaction that we know the facts.

We Love Graphics.
Design, images, and colors stimulate the visual processing systems in our brains. Think picture books. It’s ingrained in us from a young age and our desire to consume visual content never abates as we grow older.

5 Steps to Creating Great Infographics

1. Understand your audience.

The whole point of the infographic is to answer a question or solve a problem. Create a profile of your ideal client and brainstorm what kind of content and graphics they want to see.

2. Perform research.

Solid research is the foundation to any successful infographic. You must reveal something that is clever, different and urgent – but most of all, it must be true.

3.  Come up with an angle.

If someone else is touting the same information, offer up your data with a twist, one your audience won’t expect. See what’s out there and then do something different.

4. Tell an interesting story.

An infographic is more than a few facts combined with illustrations. It must tell a story. Stories allow us to make connections on a personal level. What makes a compelling story? A hero, a challenge, a conflict, and a resolution.

5.  Blend in visual appeal.

An appealing design is what will draw views to take a look in the first place. A good designer can customize an infographic that stands out while staying true to your brand.