Oct 19

You Can Get a Year’s Worth of Engaging B2B Content in Just One Day!


one-calendar-day1For the last few years, surveys and studies show that B2B content marketers rank “producing engaging content” as one of their top challenges. I’ve wondered about this, as there are plenty of great agencies and talented writers who would love to help these companies overcome that particular challenge.

Then it struck me. It’s not really about producing engaging content, it’s more about coming up with the compelling ideas that will engage the audience. And that is a challenge, as it takes planning and forethought. To create engaging content, you have to decide:

  • What type of assets do I need?
  • Where are the big ideas lurking?
  • How do I get anybody to look at my content?
  • And, how can I possibly create and deploy the content with a consistent pace and rhythm?

The answer to these questions should be in your editorial calendar, if you have one, which many B2B marketers do not. And, just to be clear, planning to publish a blog every week and a white paper every quarter does not mean you have an editorial calendar.

Of course, creating an editorial calendar presents its own set of challenges. You can’t do it by yourself. You need to gather the right people in a room to brainstorm ideas, to set priorities, and to agree on the story your content will tell. Then you must take all of that and map it to budgets, resources, channels, audiences, and of course, timing. Just thinking about the process is daunting, much less getting started.

That’s why The Content Factor created our workshop, “A Year’s Worth of Content in a Day.” This workshop is designed to fast-track the planning and brainstorming phase of the editorial calendar process using techniques borrowed from the agile development process. It is not a “sit and listen” passive workshop – everyone participates and everyone’s ideas count. It’s an effective way to focus attention on what’s important to your audience, rather than the features of your newest product release.

The workshop is a great place to begin when you need to plan content for product launches, nurture campaigns, or brand awareness. It results in dozens of compelling and engaging ideas that you can transition into unlimited content assets. And, it is really just one day.

If you have just one day, and a team of willing people who want to make your content more engaging, then our workshop is for you. For more information, contact us at info@contentfactor.com.